Hi! I’m Tamir Pomerantz.
I do freelance product design and develop web-based experiences.

I work for 4 days a week at BaconOppenheim studio on various design projects such as Google Trends, But i might have time for freelance work. Lets grab some coffee and talk a bit about your project!
Email me at tamirp@gmail.com

Web application for listing the best lunch special menus in Tel-Aviv (Beta) Launch website
Holocaust watch online
Data regarding streamig video searches during the Israeli Holocaust memotial day Launch website
An experimental data visualization, showing the age of death of famous musicians over 5 decades. Launch website
Working along with visual artist Tal Granot to design and code a 'visual poetry' video experience. Launch website

Gifweather bot
A rapid one-week experiment with Facebook messenger bots platform. gifweather can forecast the weather anywhere in the world, in any language, using animated gifs. Built with nodejs and openweather api. Launch website
Google Trends Scroll-throu
An independent project for Jerusalem data hackathon (sep 23rd), creating a scroll-through experience of Google Trends data to reflect on each day of 2016 as experienced via Google Search. Launch website
An exploration of the artists and musicians who died at 27, categorized by genre, date, and cause of death. Done in collaboration with Tom Even. Launch website
Flashes by Maayan Even
Crafting a digital book-like container for poetry, stories and flashes by Maayan Even. Coding the server-side and front-end, Done in collaboration with Tom Even. Launch website
An interactive playlist created in loving memory of David Bowie the day following his death. Built in partnership with Tom Even. We work really well together. Launch website

Mor Halimi, a brilliant designer and former colleague from Kobi Franco’s studio, worked with me on his portfolio website, crafted and developed with a custom CMS. Launch website
A year in Google Search 2015 (BaconOppenheim)
Read an interview by Yuval Saar about our studio's involvement in the design of Google 2015 year in search experience Launch website
Kobi Franco design studio
During my third year of design school I had the privilege of working with Kobi Franco, one of Israel’s top print designers. Our work included books; exhibition design (Holon Design Museum); art and design exhibition catalogues (Tel Aviv Museum of Art), and typeface design, among many other projects -- including a complete redesign of the studio website. Launch website
Digital exhibition catalogues (Bezalel academy)
An interview with Yuval Saar about my graduation project from Bezalel academy of art and design in jerusalem. Launch website

Typefaces for non-commercial use
Part of my work is crafting and coding custom typefaces. When possible I re-use the font for non-commercial purposes, donating it to the design community. Launch website