Creating web-based experiences for art exhibitions and conferences



From when I was a student at Bezalel academy in Jerusalem I always took pride in working with the art and design community. I had the liberty of taking small projects while working full time and I got to work on Jerusalem design week 2015, art exhibitions, conventions and museum exhibitions and graduation exhibits. Here I would share with you 3 websites with a unique approach towards content, mapping and hierarchy I designed and coded. All websites are available on github and are fully mobile-functional.

ISVIS conference

Landing page and video archive for Israel’s leading data visualization conference.
We wanted to create a simple and fun website for Israel’s leading data visualization convention. We used a background map that shows the route from the user’s location to the convention in Shenkar, and used that path itself as the graphical element in the website.

The route from the user's location to the convention is the graphical element that is used in the site's background
ISVIS conference, 2018
Above and beyond exhibition

Browsing experience for a multiple-rooftop exhibition in Jerusalem.
This street exhibition was happening for the first time on public buildings rooftops. It had a specific track and narrative that the visitors needed to follow, and the web experience should reflect and support it as best it can. As everything in jerusalem - the content had to be translated to 3 languages to appeal to all audiences of the city, and I found a unique design solution where all 3 languages are laid on top of each other, with only the selected one highlighted, but letting the other 2 resonate in the background.

The map is a crucial element that escorts you through the narrative of the exhibition
Above and beyond exhibition, 2018
Performance 07

The school of visual theatre and HaZira are 2 theatre organizations in Jerusalem. Both had a series of events together, and they approached me to create a website for them. They had only one demand - keeping both in the same hierarchy - meaning - the two events coexist and one isn’t more prominent than the other. We couldn't even place one of the events first, so we ended up with a ½-½ page design, even in mobile, to host 2 events simultaneously. Designed together with Yoav Perry and Ayal Zakin

Landing page and program for Jerusalem's School of Visual Theatre and HaZira events in 2017-2018

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Performance 07, 2017-2018